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Houston Faith Church
Sunday, January 15 2012
I had a small, hard, white growth on the outside corner of my right eye for over 8 years. I have known of and have witnessed God’s healing power many times and finally decided God would heal this too.

I began laying my hand on it and rebuking it in the name of Jesus. I did this multiple times a day every day for several days. One day I noticed the growth turned black in the center and was sensitive to the touch. I didn’t accept the first thoughts of fear that came: that it was growing and changing.

Six days after I began rebuking this growth, while washing my face, I noticed again the sensitivity it had. Once again I refused the fear and bad thoughts that had come. Then God let me know that it wasn’t growing, it was drying up and dying! I continued washing my face and realized that IT WAS COMPLETELY GONE! IT JUST FELL OFF!  PRAISE GOD!!

Right away, I started crying tears of joy and began to cry out for all of my family to come and see this healing miracle that Jesus did for me!!

Glory to God! 

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