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Houston Faith Church
Monday, May 28 2012

Patty’s healing testimony:

The other morning I woke up with stiffness in my neck.  And as the day progressed, it felt like someone was twisting the skin around my shoulder blade area (like you would wring out a wet towel), with the pain shooting down my right arm.  I recognized the symptoms immediately, as I had had problems with herniated discs in my neck (pinching the nerves) in the past, to the point where I was supposed to have surgery on two different occasions. 

So, I began doing all I knew to do… commanding the pain to go, rebuking the devil,  confessing healing scriptures out loud, listening to teaching tapes on healing, praying in tongues, believing, expecting….. but the pain persisted and the only relief I got was when I  was lying down.   Pastor Chas prayed for me after Wednesday night’s service and I agreed and believed that I received my healing.  I kept up with my confessions and continued to thank God for my healing and praised Him in the midst of the pain.  But the pain still persisted. 

A few days later at Healing Hour (I was stationed at the door), Pastor Joni was giving testimonies of people with disc problems and how they had been healed when she laid hands on them.   Since the pain was still very evident, I decided to go down for prayer again.  My faith was built up after hearing her testimonies and I was really ready to receive.  Pastor Joni said this pain was just “symptoms” and this would be a healing.  I knew what that meant.  Even though I didn’t feel anything, I left believing that I was healed.  I knew it was just a matter of time for the manifestation.

But the battle continued.  The pain remained, and discouragement began to take over—surely my healing should have taken place by now.  Then Pastor Chas said something during the following Wednesday night service that really spoke to me and I realized I was preventing my own healing….. doubt had crept in.  Instead of feeling condemnation, I got in my car and, on the way home that night, I asked the Lord to help me remove any doubt or unbelief.  And then I got angry….. angry at the devil.  I practically screamed at him all the way home.  Before I went to bed that night, I repented for my unbelief, praised the Lord, and declared that I expected to wake up in the morning with no more pain.  I thanked the Lord for His promise that by His stripes I am (already) healed!!!

Needless to say, I awoke the next morning and I had NO PAIN!!!  Hallelujah!!!  It’s been two weeks since then and still no pain.  I am totally healed!!!!  Thank you, Jesus!!!

GOD is FAITHFUL!!!   His promises are YES and AMEN!!!   ONLY BELIEVE!!!!!

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Monday, May 14 2012

On the way to church on February 29, 2012, I was discussing with the Lord how my accounts were dwindling, and I asked the Lord what He was going to do about it.  He said He’d take care of my needs, as I have been faithful to trust Him and in my giving to the kingdom.  It was the first time my accounts have dwindled since my husband died.  Then at church that night, Pastor Chas had a word about accounts dwindling and to not be afraid, God would come through.   Within three hours after that word from Pastor, I had a renter for my house for more money that I thought I could get for it.  Even the neighbors said I wouldn't get that much money for a house in this neighborhood!  In two to three weeks my accounts started filling up and money came in from unexpected places... now my accounts are running over!  

Here was the exact tongue and interpretation given by Pastor Chas at the end of that service:

(Tongues) Don’t be afraid.  So don’t be afraid of anything.  When fear comes – I’ve overcome, I’ve hidden you – it’ll pass you by.  (More Tongues).  I see finances dwindling, finances dwindling, finances dwindling, don’t be afraid.  I’ll come through for you.  Thank You Lord God.  Thank You.  Thank You.  Better take that if you need that word.  Whether it’s sin, sickness, or poverty, just laugh.

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