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Houston Faith Church
Monday, June 25 2012
Supernatural Things Happening – A Second Time!
About three weeks ago I was limping when I came in to church on a Sunday morning. My right hip had been hurting. By the end of service the pain was gone and so was the limp! Praise the Lord!

Saturday (6/23/12) I slipped on some water and hurt my back. I was having some back spasms that didn't feel so good at all. By the end of service on Sunday (6/24/12) my back no longer hurt and I was able to spend my day working without any pain at all. Glory to God!

God is good! I attribute these healings to being in the anointing and presence of God.

Seated with Him,
Lori C.
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Wednesday, June 06 2012
Good morning Pastor Chas! Just had to let you know that Donnie (the guy you prayed for with the bad back and then had me get him the books) called me yesterday after the men's meeting when I got back and told me "He had no pain"  We talked about the service and how he liked it and wasn't scared and said there was no doubt at all during the service and he knew you were for real and he really enjoyed the service and he did feel something going on in his body when you prayed for him.
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