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Houston Faith Church
Friday, February 01 2013
Regarding Sunday Jan. 27th service at HFC: The praise and worship songs were largely exalting God's power, authority, holiness and man's position. Pastor Chas's sermon was on healing. The Holy Spirit's
presence was very strong. At the end, the altar was opened for prayers for healing and ministry. I went
forward. It was hard to stand up as the presence of God was so strong. Finally, I just gave in to the Spirit and found myself on the floor. My left hand was trembling. Thereafter, while on the floor under His power, the Holy Spirit (or possibly an angel) took hold of that arm and began to manipulate my shoulder for some time. Then the same working moved down to the rib cage and moved that area around. Then, I felt myself being stretched out. Also, there was a working on my spine as it also was moved around. Still stretching me. Understand I have been slain in the Spirit all this time and He has touched me many times. (He takes delight in fixing us Body, Soul and Spirit.) This divine encounter was totally different. He did, if you will, physically put me through contortions. I've never seen or experienced anything like that before. It was awesome. He healed me – my back, my spine. Yes!... He did a creative miracle, undeniably! He is ever present and always willing! Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus!
I must say also that Pastor Joni's and the worship team's ministry in music was tremendous. They invited the Spirit in and stayed with Him patiently recognizing and respecting the length of time He wanted to minister. It was wonderful to be in the presence of the Lord and receive my miracle. Myrtle S.
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