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Houston Faith Church
Tuesday, May 21 2013
Hello Family,
I wanted to give praise reports to those who have been praying for me and my family. God has been doing awesome things in our lives.
This past Saturday my family and some other wonderful ladies decided to do an outreach in my apartment complex. These ladies usually feed the homeless but are unable to because of new laws, so they decided to come to my apartment to feed the residents. My children and I pasted out tracks and asked people if they were saved and needed prayer. Many were saved, but all needed prayer. One lady I prayed for received the gift of the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. It was the first time for me to minister one on one with a stranger and to pray for someone to speak in tongues. It was awesome to see the Holy Spirit move! My kids were so happy to give to others and to see me pray for others. It was a good day.
This week ...
Imani passed out a track to her friend who prayed the prayer of salvation. Then that friend shared it with 4 other friends and they prayed the prayer.
After listening to a morning devotional about hell and heaven being real, Nikolas passed out tracks before class started and asked them "are you saved?". He must of started a commotion because his teacher asked him not to pass them out, because all the kids were talking about it. He also got a mark because of it. But I told him not take it to heart and he was doing the right thing.
Daryl's co worker was using our car and a prosperity CD was playing. When he got back he asked Daryl what is speaking in tongues. Daryl "had" to explain what it is, how he could receive it and what are the benefits. God just tickles me with the way he goes about doing things!
Things are at a great start and doing the Will of God is so satisfying! Thank you all for your prayers,  and feeding into me and my family.
Zalina C
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Monday, May 20 2013

Good morning, Pastor Joni! I just wanted to say, THANK YOU for praying for me. God has healed me completely and I'm breathing better! PRAISE GOD!!! I also wanted to say that Sunday's message was such an anointing, beautiful message! Thank you for praying for me, I felt the power of God all over me! It is so refreshing! Thank you for your example, you are such a blessing to our church body and very much loved! All God's blessings to you and Pastor Chas!

Rosemary E.

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Monday, May 20 2013

Hi, I have to share a story/ testimony with you quickly.

This morning on the way to work, we stopped at the traffic lights. Then it turned green. TC started forward and all of a sudden he braked. He said he felt like someone just told him to stop. And right before our eyes this car flew through the intersection at one heck of a speed. If we were in the intersection I don’t think we would have survived. The car didn’t even have the lights on. TC said the speed that guy was going, the car would have rolled several times. Both TC and I just started thanking God right in the car and said it’s a good thing we know how to listen to the voice of God.

God sure is good.

Sonja B

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