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Houston Faith Church
Wednesday, January 15 2014
“Since Pastor Joni prayed for my knee I have been pain free.  I had been diagnosed as needing a knee replacement and anyone near could hear my knee crack each time I stood or took a step on a staircase.  My daughter's new home has a huge spiral staircase that was especially challenging for me.  Now I am pain free and there is not even a cracking noise when I climb the stairs.”
“I asked Pastor Joni to pray for me as Satan was always telling me I was not good enough,  my faith wasn't strong enough, my efforts to love fell short, my cooking was mediocre, you name it.  Pastor Joni  shouted "LIAR".  Pastor Joni continued to speak to me: "From this day forward only truth and light, only truth and light."  The change has been mind-boggling. Now I quickly discern spiritual things and recognize thoughts and curses that are not "truth and light",  I love and appreciate the child of God reflected in the mirror who is deeply loved and accepted.”
Denise J.
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Wednesday, January 15 2014

Praise to God for: 
I received my healing while watching the live broadcast
of the Sunday healing service in December 2013.  After listening to an
inspiring message on healing, I decided to connect with God and activate my
faith. When people in the service responded to the altar call, so did I,
although, I was not there physically. I was there in spirit.  After taking
authority over a painful throat infection in Jesus' name, the pain in my
throat began to subside.  By the next morning, the pain was gone and my
lymph node in my neck was no longer painful and swollen.  I thanked God for
my healing!  Three days later, I coughed up a mass that was about one inch
in diameter. I praised the Lord! And I thank Him for Houston Faith Church.
Attending there has been a positive life changing experience.

Melissha H.

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Houston Faith Church  | Sunday 10:30 am | Wednesday 7:00 pm   

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