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Houston Faith Church
Saturday, May 16 2015

"At the Women of Faith retreat, I came up for prayer because I was in a lot of pain from a bone protruding in my jaw.  I had an appointment to see my dentist next week.  Pastor Joni prayed for me and then said for us to rejoice together that it's healed.  We did, and I was HEALED!  All the pain left.  The next day I happily testified at church that I was healed.  And the next week the doctor said...what bone? because he couldn't find any problem!!"

Rose K.

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Monday, May 11 2015
"I wanted to share a testimony with you that happened to me last evening. I was sharing with my husband several things Pastor Chas was teaching us Sunday morning, and during my Bible reading time, I heard the Lord’s voice inside me like I have never heard it before. He said that He was now healing me of a stomach tumor that I had that was obstructing my intestines and causing swelling in my stomach every time I ate. It was also causing allergy symptoms from milk, dairy products, and gluten. He said it was not cancerous and not to worry. Almost immediately the swelling and bloating in my stomach went down and I could breathe more freely and I didn’t have that overly full feeling. This morning I tested my new healing by eating breakfast and drinking some coffee as usual, and I am totally healed by the Power of God. Glory to God! I didn’t even know why I was having this miserable feeling in my stomach.

God is so good to us, He knows everything about us."

Cathie S.

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Friday, May 08 2015

"Praise to God for healing my broken heart. He made it WHOLE!!"

Judy J. 

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