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Houston Faith Church
Monday, September 28 2015

"Pastors prayed not long ago over finances, jobs, etc. My husband and I decided that we would believe for a bonus that would allow us to pay off our mortgage. This year, the company gave out the largest bonuses they have ever done. My husband received his and it was more than enough to pay off our mortgage. WE ARE DEBT FREE! The thankfulness we feel in our hearts, words cannot express. Father, thank you!"

- HFC Member

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Wednesday, September 16 2015

"Last weekend, while doing something physically active, I pulled a muscle in my back. I was in excruciating pain for a while and at one point couldn't even get off of the floor. My family member texted another HFC member who lives close by, telling her that I needed help and asked her to come pray with me. She came over, laid hands on me and commanded healing in my back. We were both committed that we were not leaving the room until my back was totally healed, even if it took all day. After about 10 minutes of praying and commanding and testing it out and praying again, all of the pain was gone! I could twist and turn and bend and jump and dance! Glory to God!"

- Dawn K., HFC Member

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