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Houston Faith Church
Tuesday, July 19 2016

A church member was believing God to provide for her financially. By an unction of the Spirit, she'd been saying out loud that she was going to receive a blank check. Not long after, during a Sunday service, somebody walked up to her and handed her a blank check, to use for whatever she needs! Praise the Lord! 

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Sunday, July 17 2016

Elaine had been dealing with congestion for about a week. During worship, as she was singing the lyrics, "It's your breath, in my lungs...we pour out our praise, pour out our praise," she decided to sing the song with all she's got. She had revelation of God's breath in her lungs, and knew that the congestion had to leave. She was fully healed in that moment, and all of congestion went away!

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Wednesday, July 06 2016

"Just wanted to share the miracle God has performed. I went for my palliative care appointment and my doctor almost started crying. He said I was a walking miracle, and that he has no idea how I'm still alive. My cancer and condition in my liver were so bad when they admitted me that they expected me to die in the hospital, and that they were just trying to make me comfortable. But somehow I just kept stabilizing and kept going and they have no idea how that was even possible and to see me alive today is just unbelievable."   - HFC Member

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Wednesday, July 06 2016

"I wanted to give you a 1-year update on myself and the things the Lord has been doing in my life since I started coming to HFC. After one of the first times I visited, I got the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And after a few weeks of coming, and getting prayed for a few times, I got healed from all of the pills I was taking. One pill I was taking was for my thyroid, and after 3 months of not taking it, I got blood work done and it showed that my levels were totally normal! I also started working by the end of that year, got off of social security, started going to school again full time, and graduated from HCC. I've also become close to many other church members and fellowship with them on a regular basis. My walk with the Lord has increased so much! My faith has been built up, and my love for people has become way more intense. My love for sinners and desire to see them saved and to know the truth has become so much greater. I now know the truth about many topics I had been taught incorrectly about. There is so much love, truth, and of course work of the Holy Spirit here! Thank you Pastors Chas & Joni, and everyone who works behind the scenes to run HFC! I love y'all!"   - Meg M.

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