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Houston Faith Church
Tuesday, June 27 2017

"[My 10-year old son] enjoys getting your CDs from church and listening to them at home. Recently, he was rushing through his chores...I thought maybe he was rushing to play or watch TV. He said, 'No mom, I'm in a hurry because I have to finish listening to Pastor Chas' CD before bed time.' A couple of days later, he wasn't feeling of your messages encouraged him to receive his healing too. He prayed and commanded all sickness to leave his body. He claimed God's word for 15 minutes until he suddenly felt better! He is so excited to apply your messages to his everyday life. Your message about not wasting time on unfruitful things made an impact on him. After service, he said he felt Holy Spirit convict him of playing a game on his phone that always made him mad. He erased most of his games on his phone and he decided to no longer watch a show he really liked because it did not edify God and took up too much time. Sometimes as a parent I wonder if things are sinking in, but then I see the fruit of it in their lives and I rejoice at how much they are learning and growing at HFC."  - Karina M.

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Thursday, June 15 2017

"My mom had a stroke...she has been in a rehab facility for going on three weeks. About a week ago she was telling me of the absolutely awful nightmares she was having (plastic being put over her face so she couldn't breathe, stabbing my father, etc.) She said she kept praying for God to take them away. So I looked my little Baptist mom in the eyes and told her to command them to stop. I explained the authority that she had and that she had to stand in it. She said she would do it. And yesterday, she said, 'Oh by the way, I haven't had anymore nightmares. I did what you said and it was the oddest thing...I actually felt the evil pull away and leave and it hasn't been back.' PRAISE GOD. So thankful we found HFC...a place where the word is not watered down."   - Alicia L.

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