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Houston Faith Church
Tuesday, May 15 2018

"Toward the end of April, it didn't look like I would have all the money by the due date for rent, but I had set my mind and faith toward getting it paid. I worked extra hours at school, picked up shifts for favor, but I was still just a little short. But through all this, I had a peace the whole time that I would have the money by the time the rent was due. I had been, and still am, speaking to my bank accounts telling them that they are full. 

I applied for a scholarship through one of the organizations that I am in at school. At this time of the semester, my financial aid is constantly being updated. So last week I was keeping my eye on it and one of the time I looked at it, over $1,400 had posted for this semester! I was thinking that I would only be getting around $300-$400. Imagine my shock and excitement when I saw over $1,400! On top of that, it posted to my bank account in time for my rent to not be late. I had also been needing some more work done on my car, but the parts were on the expensive side so I had put it off for a while. Well, I was able to use the scholarship money to buy all the parts, pay the rest of my bills for May, get my dog's shots and medicine. I was also finally able to stock up on some other household items that I was running low on. 

AND, on top of that, another $600 was just deposited into my account! But what's funny is that there is nothing on my financial aid page saying where this money came from. What a blessing! God is great!"  - Meg M., HFC Member

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