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Houston Faith Church
Tuesday, February 05 2019

"I had terrible pain in the upper part of my stomach since Friday evening. I was up all night Friday with the pain and other gastrointestinal issues. The pain was so bad that I had to call into work the next day since I could barely even walk, let alone perform my job duties. The pain level improved but still persisted all day Saturday and Sunday. I also couldn't eat much; if I did eat, it had to be super bland so it wouldn't aggravate my stomach too much.

Sunday evening, I decided to sit down and listen to that morning's message since I had missed it earlier. One of the things Pastor Chas said was that I could get whatever I needed right then. Well, I needed that I set my mind on the Word and I got it! I was healed before the message was even over! Not only was the pain gone but everything that seemed to aggravate the pain before had no effect! I was able to eat again, and I ate until I was full with no pain! I even drank orange juice which I wouldn't have done before since it would have caused excruciating pain. Praise the Lord for His Word!"    -Meg M.

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