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Houston Faith Church
Wednesday, June 19 2019

Last year (2018) I had some symptoms in my body.  I had put off a doctor's visit, believing God for my healing and speaking to it. Anyway, one day I was feeling really bad and my friend said, “Hey, you gotta go check that out, that’s not right”. And so I went to the hospital, not having insurance.  They checked me out, they did all the stuff and they concluded that nothing was wrong with me. (Note here - the devil is a liar).

I’m a veteran but I’ve never used any of my benefits, so I went down on Monday and I got full benefits from the VA.  It covers everything, but since I had the medical checkup on Friday and enrolled the Monday after, the VA wouldn't pay.  I ended up with this big $10,000 hospital bill from the emergency visit.  So all year passed and I was hoping that the VA would pay for it, but they wouldn't cover it.

So last Tuesday I said, I need to go down and make arrangements to pay the bill.  So as I’m walking up to the hospital, I just looked up and I said “God would you pay for this please”. I walked in and handed her my bill and she looked up my account on the computer and she said, “Well, it’s been paid for!” She said, “Sometimes they just decide to pay for someone’s medical bill".  That someone was me!  Hospital bill - zero balance, all paid!  Thank You LORD!


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Wednesday, June 19 2019

There was a situation a few years back where my husband's job didn’t pay him for a few months and then ended up closing, so we racked up some credit card debt for a few months.

So at the end of 2018, heading into this year, thinking about goals, I got it in my heart, I want to be out of credit card debt completely.  Even though we were paying like 4x’s the monthly minimum, we still could not pay everything off within a year. There was just no way to do it. 

So I said, “Well, I still want it done, so we prayed about it and we agreed that God would find a way to make it happen. Every time my husband paid the bill he called it “finished”!  

Then, the week before last, we got surprise bonuses from work that allowed us to tithe, pay off ALL the credit card debt, and still have some to save and enjoy!  Praise the LORD!


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