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Houston Faith Church
Tuesday, March 06 2018

- "Since August of last year, I suffered with a horrible rash behind both ears...the pain and itching were pretty much constant and I was only able to sleep a couple hours at a time during the night. The doctor could not give me a reason for the rash...the only thing that helped were steroids but you can't take those forever. P Joni prayed and then told me to count to three and grab her hands. I did, and fell back in the Spirit. It was so peaceful laying there. I thought I'm gonna just float in this river until God tells me to get up. Now, my rash is completely gone, gone, gone! Thank you Jesus!" - Dawn E.
- "Sunday morning, I had pain in my lower back, legs, and knees. During Praise & Worship, I went up to dance in the River. The pain in my back was gone when I went back to my seat! Then I was having pain & tingling in my legs and right knee. P Joni made an altar call for some who were having tingling in their bodies. I went up...I felt the river flowing, such joy, and the love of Jesus! The pain and tingling left my body, legs, and knee!" - Jackie M.
- "I received a double blessing at the recent Healing Service. When P Joni said, 'The Lord is here', I kept envisioning Jesus walking to and fro at the altar. And when she ministered on Ezekiel 47 about the rising waters representing God's increasing anointing, I kep envisioning His anointing flowing like high water down the aisles. Sitting there in the service, the Lord's presence and anointing were so real to me. I believed I had already received healing for my right knee at my seat, so I didn't readily come down to the altar at P Joni's invitation. But because the presence of the Lord was so thick, I finally went down...and boy am I glad I did. Otherwise, I would have truly missed out. After P Joni prayed for my knee's healing, I felt a spiritual release and went down to the floor where I laid under the Lord's anointing. When I got up, I turned to go back to my seat, but quickly realized I could not. The Lord had something more for me. While I stood tarrying at the altar, the presence of the Lord consumed me, bowing me from my knees. As the tears flowed from my eyes, I repeatedly thanked Jesus until eventually falling to me knees. It was so glorious and I was so happy, because I hadn't been touched like that by the Lord in a very long time." - Sheila T.
- "I had a bad pain in my neck and I couldn't tilt my head back because of the pain and stiffness. All my neck pain left, I can now move my neck and tilt my head freely! Now, 2 weeks later, and still healed!" - Anita O.

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