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Houston Faith Church
Friday, April 05 2019

- "I just wanted to share what happened yesterday when you [Pastor Joni] prayed for me. I came up for healing in my stomach. When you prayed I started to feel like a liquid warmth that I can't really explain and I could not stay standing up. I feel like I went down in slow motion. That feeling went from my head (where you placed your hand) to my stomach. I know I got a supernatural touch from God and I am healed." - Mary Lou G.

- "I was having pain in my right arm & on the right side of my body. P Chas prayed for me and all the swelling and all the pain is completely gone! Thanks be to God & thank you to my loving Pastors who truly believe in God's healing power."  - Rosemary E.

- "Joni prayed for my knees on Sunday. They haven't clicked or hurt since then!!!"  - Lori C.

- "I have had a back problem for 2 years now. It hurts all the time. During healing service, I was sitting in my chair. As Joni was preaching, my upper back started to vibrate, burn hot, and tingle. After about 30 seconds of this feeling, all the pain was gone. Before this, my pain level was a 10, but after, 0 pain!"  - Olivia A. 

- "Praise the Lord!! My knees are healed. On Sunday, Joni laid hands and prayed, and I have no pain in my knees! Thank you Jesus!"  - Jackie M.

- "I had a torn meniscus in my knee. It was very painful, and I had pain on Sunday. At healing service, Joni prayed for my knee and it was healed. And I've been sleeping without any pain."  - Denise J.

- "About 1.5 years ago, I started to experience pain in my right heel. Walking was very painful and shoes made it worse. I went to a foot specialist and x-rays confirmed a bone spur in my right heel. The doctor suggested physical therapy on my foot to relieve pain, or surgery to remove the spur. The physical therapy didn't work, but I decided not to have surgery and trusted God to heal me. At the Healing Service, I went down for prayer and received my healing. The pain left immediately! Praise God! Although the bone spur is still there, I believe it will leave too. I thank God every day for my healing and to be pain-free!" - Carolyn M.

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