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Houston Faith Church
Monday, May 14 2012

On the way to church on February 29, 2012, I was discussing with the Lord how my accounts were dwindling, and I asked the Lord what He was going to do about it.  He said He’d take care of my needs, as I have been faithful to trust Him and in my giving to the kingdom.  It was the first time my accounts have dwindled since my husband died.  Then at church that night, Pastor Chas had a word about accounts dwindling and to not be afraid, God would come through.   Within three hours after that word from Pastor, I had a renter for my house for more money that I thought I could get for it.  Even the neighbors said I wouldn't get that much money for a house in this neighborhood!  In two to three weeks my accounts started filling up and money came in from unexpected places... now my accounts are running over!  

Here was the exact tongue and interpretation given by Pastor Chas at the end of that service:

(Tongues) Don’t be afraid.  So don’t be afraid of anything.  When fear comes – I’ve overcome, I’ve hidden you – it’ll pass you by.  (More Tongues).  I see finances dwindling, finances dwindling, finances dwindling, don’t be afraid.  I’ll come through for you.  Thank You Lord God.  Thank You.  Thank You.  Better take that if you need that word.  Whether it’s sin, sickness, or poverty, just laugh.

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