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Houston Faith Church
Thursday, December 26 2013

When I first came to this church a month and a half ago,
I was in prayer for healing of my ovaries, and had multiple cysts on both
ovaries, and I couldn't conceive because of it. I also wanted to feel God’s
presence, just like I saw everyone else feel it, so I prayed and prayed.  And
when Pastor Joni came to me and prayed over me, all I heard was "are you
ready?", and I was thinking, "ready?"  As soon as she said that, I
felt God’s presence and I could feel His mighty energy through me, and I
just thanked Him for that, and for my healing I was receiving at the moment.
I could  feel the pain in my ovaries leave my body. That was the best day of
my life. That was a wonderful experience. Soon after, I found out I was
pregnant! And we recently went to do an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy,
and they told me everything looks good - my ovaries look great and clear.  My
husband and I were just amazed at how God answered our prayer. I thank Him
everyday for it.

Iris P.


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